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Drilling Aluminium


How to drill in Aluminium

Aluminium is a very soft metal and therefore drilling aluminium can be an issue. It is very important to use the right bit for drilling and a drilling speed that will suit the soft metal. The main problem that people face while drilling aluminium is the chips that will be located inside the hole that has been drilled. If not drilled properly there can be chips in the cutting area and the best way to solve that problem is to use lubricants while drilling aluminium. If you are drilling aluminium with a large bit like a 12mm, then a speed of 800 rpm should be fine. But then if you are using smaller sizes, you will have to increase the speed accordingly for a clean hole to be drilled.

While drilling aluminium, it must be assured that the bits have a decent feed so that aluminium does not form a skin which can then stall the drilling aluminium process. The aluminium can cling on to the bit when drilling aluminium and therefore one using the right speed is important as the metal will not stick on to the bit. Before you start drilling aluminium, you can use a center punch so that the bit does not slip off initially. Orego Metal Co. is a company that specializes in drilling aluminium and we have a lot of machines and skilled personnel, who can drill holes of any size and number on aluminium products. Drilling aluminium is an art and we have perfected the art of how it is done.


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